Modern technology for deep compaction

Modern technology for deep compaction from Ilmi Solutions Oy. Ilmi has developed new deep compaction hammer for deep compaction of filling areas and benches. Unlike traditional deep compaction methods, the Ilmi H7000 deep compaction hammer can be used to compact fillings built directly underwater without massive overbanks over water. It is also possible to deep compact the filling benches built on earth with the Ilmi H7000 deep compaction hammer.

The deep compaction hammer is a product developed entirely by Ilmi Solutions Oy. Ilmi has done its own work on hammer machine control and a real-time measurement and monitoring system. The energy control of the H7000 deep compaction lever is stepless and the maximum energy is 700 kNm (7 tn is dropped from 10 m).


Heavy duty Llamada P160TT Down-the-hole hammering machine delivered to Finland

Ilmi Solutions Oy delivered heavy duty DTH machine Llamada P-160TT for Destia Oy before Christmas.

Machine transport weight is 80 t and working weight 95 t without DTH tools. Maximum diameter for tube is 1500 mm and maximum length is 35 meters one fit. Machine has 7.5 meter extension.

In delivery there where for example 4th generation Ilmi iPileCom Down-the-hole hammering monitoring
system, intelligent oiling unit, turning rotatry head and Ilmi centering clamps which
makes sure that tube will stay same direction as drillmast.

iPileCom - 4th generation

Twenty years ongoing R&D made possible release 4th generation of Ilmi iPileCom
Down-the-hole hammering and piledriving monitoring system.
Biggest change is becoming fully bus based, which really takes accurancy to next

We can proudly say now Ilmi iPileCom is really ready for 2020.

iPileCom - A DTH documentation and monitoring system used in a massive RD wall

Ilmi Solutions Oy’s iPileCom DTH documentation system was iPilecom in Destia Engineering Oy massive RD dam wall in Finland. The drilling work on the DTH wall was well done by the skilled personnel of Destia Engineering Oy and with efficient Llamada P105TT DTH machine it was completed on schedule. All piles were drilled using a Llamada P105TT DTH drilling machine.

The dimensions of a ditch wall are already indicated by the following figures:

  • Barn wall pile size RD700
  • RD700 piles 773 pcs
  • D778 mm rock drill alone, totaling approximately 2800 m

Ilmi delivered the most efficient large diameter DTH drilling machines to Finland

Ilmi Solutions Oy in Kuopio, together with a Spanish manufacturer, has delivered the third Llamada DTH drilling machine to Destia Engineering Oy.

Ilmi has previously supplied Llamada P145EV and P105TT drilling machines to Destia Engineering. The newly introduced Llamada P105TT is the most efficient DTH drilling machine on the market in its size class.
All drill machines delivered to Destia Engineering are used to drill large diameter down-the-hole (DTH) piles (up to D1200 mm).

The Llamada P105TT has a working weight of 50 tonnes and can drill a single pile up to a maximum of 24m. The maximum pile diameter for the P105TT drill is D813 mm.
Delivered to Destia Engineering Oy, the P105TT is equipped with Ilmi’s own product, the iPileCom DTH documentation system.

Llamada P-105TT drilling RD-damwall

Llamada P-105TT can make SSAB RD-damwalls to very big dimensions, as in picture where it’s making 700mm x 18 m piles. It’s very strong machine while being light in weight as transport weight is only 46 t.
Documentation is easily done with integrated Ilmi iPileCom DTH monitoring system and transferred automatically to Ilmi iPileCom Cloud Office. .

Kuvat: Markus Valtanen & Mikko-Pekka Karlin, Kuulu Oy

Llamada and EGT-piling rigs had good start at Nordic working sites

First spanish Down the hole piling machine manufacturer Llamada P145EV has been delivered to Finland. It did one big dimension down the hole hammering job site “Tripla” in Finland before it continued to Åland. After that it done couple of sites in Sweden, Stockholm. Ilmi iPileCom DTH Down the hole piling documentation system got documentation in order and information to cloud service in all the sites.
EGT‘s rigs demand in Finland is good and we’ll deliver several new ones to Finland before summer.

Ilmi delivers robust multipurpose drilling rigs to Finland

Ilmi Solutions Oy has sold two robust E.G.T. Srl rigs to Destia Engineering
. Rigs are by an Italian machine manufacturer E.G.T. Srl. EGT MD series is standing for multipurposerigs, which are designed for drilling and anchoring work, small pile drilling with head hitting techiniques, as well as jet grouting. Both EGT MD815 and MD718 models are equipped at the factory so that they can doall of the above-mentioned drilling works. Ilmi Solutions Oy delivers these particular multi-purpose drilling rigs at the beginning of November 2016.


Swedish piling contractor Hercules seeks benefits from Finnish pile driving documentation system

Swedish Hercules Grundläggning AB, and Finnish Ilmi Solutions Oy from Kuopio, Finland have signed a delivery contract about Ilmi iPileCom pile driving documentation system, Ilmi iPileCom.

– Such system will improve safety on job site. Assistant of the piling rig doesn’t have to be in the close perimeters of the hammer during driving process, says Jan-Erik Svensson from Hercules Grundläggning AB.

– Besides safety benefits, system will automatically instrument important process parameters in real time which will be presented for rig operator and are used for producing automated documentation, adds Tuukka Pasanen from Ilmi Solutions Oy.